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7 Essential Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Should Have
7 Essential Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Should Have

7 Essential Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Should Have

The right accessories can significantly enhance your fireplace’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Though choosing fireplace accessories can feel overwhelming at first with so many options available, every fireplace owner will benefit from having a few accessories. Discover the seven essential accessories every fireplace owner should have in their home in this post.

Fireplace Inserts

The fireplace insert is one of the cornerstone accessories for any fireplace owner. These devices improve your fireplace’s efficiency, enhance its aesthetics, and provide an extra layer of safety. Fireplace inserts come in various forms, including wood-burning, gas, and electric models, each offering distinct advantages.

Wood-Burning Inserts

Wood-burning inserts are ideal for those who love the classic crackle and aroma of burning wood. These inserts can significantly increase the heating efficiency of an existing masonry fireplace by trapping and radiating more heat into the room.

Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are great for fireplace owners with busy lifestyles. They offer the convenience of instant ignition and require minimal maintenance.

Electric Inserts

Electric inserts provide a clean, modern look, and indoor fireplace owners can use them year-round to generate ambiance without producing heat. They are a great option for those who live in warmer climates or want the appearance of a cozy fire on a warm summer evening.

Choosing the right insert for your home can enhance your fireplace’s efficiency, increasing your comfort and reducing energy bills.

Firewood Racks

A well-designed firewood rack keeps your logs organized and off the ground, reducing moisture absorption and ensuring they burn more efficiently. Racks come in various styles and materials, from rustic wooden designs to sleek metal structures, allowing you to choose one that complements your home’s decor. Indoor fireplace owners can also keep them indoors or outdoors, allowing them to optimize their living spaces. Investing in a high-quality indoor firewood rack keeps your fuel organized and adds a touch of sophistication to your fireplace setup.

7 Essential Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Should Have

Fireplace Screens

Safety should always be a top priority when operating a fireplace, and a fireplace screen is an essential accessory for achieving this goal. These screens are a barrier between the open flame and your living space, preventing sparks and embers from escaping and potentially causing damage or injury.

Fireplace screens are available in a variety of designs, from simple mesh panels to ornate wrought iron creations. Consider the screen’s functionality and contribution to your room’s overall aesthetic when choosing one. A well-chosen fireplace screen not only protects your home but also acts as a decorative element, enhancing your indoor fireplace’s visual appeal when it’s not in use.

Tool Sets

A high-quality fireplace tool set allows owners to manage their fires safely and effectively. These sets typically include a poker, tongs, a shovel, and a brush. Fireplace owners use pokers to stoke their fires and move logs, while the tongs allow them to reposition burning wood without risking burns. The shovel and brush are essential for cleaning out ashes and maintaining a tidy fireplace.

Look for a fireplace tool set that combines durability with style. Tool handles should be comfortable to grip, and the tools should be sturdy enough to withstand frequent use. Cheap, flimsy tools can be frustrating to use and even dangerous if they break while you are controlling your fire. Investing in a quality tool set will be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Many toolsets also come with a stand or holder, keeping your tools organized and within easy reach. A well-made tool set and holder can even add a touch of elegance to your fireplace area.

Ash Buckets

Cleaning out ashes is an inevitable part of owning an indoor wood-burning fireplace, and an ash bucket is a practical accessory that makes this task much safer and easier. These buckets safely store hot ashes until they cool down, preventing accidental fires and making disposal convenient.

Ash buckets come in various sizes and styles, often featuring tight-fitting lids to contain dust and prevent spillage. Some models include a double-bottom design for added safety, ensuring that the exterior remains cool to the touch even when full of hot ashes. Investing in a good ash bucket helps you safely maintain a clean fireplace.

7 Essential Accessories Every Fireplace Owner Should Have


Bellows are a traditional fireplace accessory that remains highly useful even in modern times. This tool helps you quickly and safely get your fire going by directing a focused stream of air into the base of the flames, increasing oxygen flow and intensifying the fire.

Bellows come in various sizes and designs, often featuring leather and wood construction for a classic look. While primarily functional, their traditional design adds a touch of old-world charm to your indoor fireplace setup. Using bellows makes starting your fire easier and enhances the overall experience of tending to your hearth.

Fireplace Grates

A fireplace grate is an often-overlooked accessory critical to maintaining an efficient and safe fire. Grates lift the firewood off the fireplace floor, allowing air to circulate underneath the logs to promote better combustion. The grate also holds the logs above the ashes as they fall off—creating a hotter fire and more efficient burn.

Consider your fireplace’s size and shape and the fuel you’ll be using when choosing a grate. Heavy-duty cast iron grates are ideal for wood-burning fireplaces, while steel grates may be more suitable for gas logs. A good fireplace grate helps you get the most out of your firewood by improving airflow and ensuring complete combustion, reducing smoke, and increasing heat output.

The Bottom Line

Investing in high-quality accessories improves your indoor fireplace’s performance and adds to its charm and ambiance. Though the accessories to choose from are plentiful, every fireplace owner should have on hand these select ones. These seven accessories every fireplace owner should have will surely enhance your enjoyment and make every moment by the fire truly special, whether you’re a new fireplace owner or looking to upgrade your existing setup.

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