Stove and Fireplace Store Near Walnut Ridge, AR

Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, is known for its unique position along the famed Rock ’n’ Roll Highway 67. With a vacation visit from the iconic Beatles in 1964, Walnut Ridge became synonymous with music. The city's contemporary music festivals continue to attract visitors from near and far, while the Wings of Honor WWII museum offers a glimpse into the past, making Walnut Ridge a captivating place both to visit and to call home. 

For residents seeking to add efficient zone heat as well as the glow of a fireplace to their homes, Fireside Hearth and Stove, located in nearby Jonesboro, is the premier stove and fireplace store that’s convenient for Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, residents. We offer a vast array of products and services tailored to enhance your living spaces, as well as fireplace supplies you need for your Walnut Ridge home. 

Our selection extends from fireplace inserts to wood- and pellet-burning stoves, gas and electric stoves, and an impressive range of fireplace accessories. We invite you to visit our Jonesboro location for a firsthand look at our offerings. 

As a trusted fireplace dealer for Walnut Ridge, AR, residents, we pride ourselves on quality products and devotion to customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals is always ready to guide you in selecting products that align with your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. 

Fireside Hearth and Stove is not only a provider of high-quality fireplace supplies. Homeowners also trust our ability to perform fireplace repair. Walnut Ridge residents can rest assured knowing that our experienced technicians are well equipped to handle any repair or maintenance needs. 

Our dedication to offering an expansive selection, expert guidance, and exceptional service has made us the stove and fireplace store Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, residents recommend most. Whether you're looking to add a cozy fireplace to your new home, upgrade an outdated wood-burning or pellet stove, or engage professional repair services, Fireside Hearth and Stove is here to serve you. 

We invite you to visit our Jonesboro showroom. Let us assist you in creating a warm, inviting living space. Visit us today to find the perfect fireplace or stove that is both affordable and cozy.